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Voice Lessons

We're born with the ability to express ourselves with our voice. Think of the ways a baby clearly lets you know if she's content, distraught, playful, etc. Singing is an extension of this natural expression. Even as adults we have a wide variety of vocalisms we use every day to talk, laugh, cry, whisper, express joy, fear, etc. Singing doesn't need to feel anymore forced or contrived than any of these natural utterances. My goal as a voice teacher is to help my students connect their voice to their emotional intention, and find their most free and natural sound.

Frequently Asked Questions about voice lessons



In-Home Lessons

prices include travel fees

$50 - 30 minutes

$62 - 45 minutes

$75 - 60 minutes

Studio Lessons

in Granada Hills

$35 - 30 minutes

$47 - 45 minutes

$60 - 60 minutes


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How old should my child be to begin voice lessons?

This is a complicated question that not all teachers agree on. You can, of course, sing with a child at any age. My mother sang to me as a baby, and I started singing along as soon as I could talk. Voice lessons, however, where the student makes a study of vocal production, require maturity and patience. Some teachers believe strongly that children should not take voice lessons until after puberty, when their vocal cords have slowed their growth. This may be true for serious technical study, but you can certainly help children experience music through their voices as they're growing. 

Parents should be aware that a good voice lesson for a child will look very different from a good voice lesson for an adult. Between the ages of 4 and 6, you can play pitch-matching games and rhythm games, sing songs, and learn solfege (do, re, mi, etc.); but it would be inappropriate to try to show a child at that age "how to sing", or "how to breathe". Around age 7 - depending on the child - you may also begin to do vocal "exercises" and address general ideas about singing and performing, but great care should still be taken not to encourage a contrived approach to vocal production.

What lesson length should I choose?

Lesson length is a personal choice, but as a general rule, 30-minute lessons (per subject) work well for elementary-aged students, while 45 and 60-minute lessons work better for older children and adults.

Which Los Angeles areas do you serve?

I live in Granada Hills, where I offer studio lessons in my own home, and travel to nearby areas in the San Fernando Valley to teach lessons in my students' homes. Some of my in-home lessons are in Northridge, Van Nuys, Valley Village, Toluca Lake and Sherman Oaks, but other areas are possible as long as I can fit the travel time into my schedule. If you're interested in in-home lessons, contact me with your general location (what are your nearest cross streets?) and general availability (what times of day are you able to schedule your lesson?). I would love to see if I can fit you into my schedule!

I just want help preparing for an audition. Do you do  that?

Yes, I can help you with notes and rhythm and give you some performance pointers. Keep in my mind, however, that it's unlikely you will experience a lasting improvement in your vocal production after only a few lessons. Improving vocal technique is a journey of discovery that requires the creation of new mental habits. It takes a significant amount of time to establish solid habits that can support you even when the nerves of an audition or performance kick in.

Does Polyglot Music offer recitals?

Yes! Performance opportunities are very important to singers of all ages who want to become comfortable and confident with their voices. As singers, we stand with our full face toward an expectant audience without barrier or buffer. Having the confidence to present one's self freely to an audience is a skill that must be developed through practice. Recitals provide the motivation to address the performance aspects of singing, and help to build confidence in children and adults.

Do you teach any other instruments?

Yes. I teach piano lessons, as advertised here, and I also offer beginner guitar lessons to my students who are interested in guitar.

I'm not sure I can match pitch. Can you help me?

Absolutely! I've helped many people who thought they didn't know how to match pitch. If you have a voice that you can speak and laugh and cry with, than you have a voice to sing with!

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